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"Recycling paint, painting and art. This implies waste, entropy, fermentation and re-birth." — Lucio Pozzi


Lucio Pozzi's Biography

"First comes a feeling then comes play. Just try always to attain absolute intensity." — Lucio Pozzi

Solo Exhibitions

Lucio Pozzi's One Person Shows

"While painting, my emotions fly rampant in every alignment, from despair to fun, to boredom, to high attention." — Lucio Pozzi

Group Exhibitions

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"A metaphysical reality is approached by attending menial visual matters." — Lucio Pozzi


Lucio Pozzi's Performances and Action Shows

"I savor the colors of toys and stationery, Bauhaus and Ellsworth Kelly. In my painting, color is both color-coding and chromatic feeling." — Lucio Pozzi


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"From the obvious fact that a painting, like any tangible object, has an up and a down, a right and a left, a front and a back, I have derived an habit of using dualism as a tool to make things by." —LucioPozzi

Exhibitions Curated By The Artist

Lucio Pozzi's personally curated exhibitions

"One thing I like to stress comes from the consideration that the force of gravity is often taken for granted in the hanging of pictures on a wall. The nail from which a frame hangs, for instance, is hidden from the viewer." — Lucio Pozzi

Selected Collections

Collections that include Lucio Pozzi's artworks

"I am constantly widening the field of my art as a way to find in every work I do a moment of intensity and surprise." — Lucio Pozzi


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"I feel like declaring my art has no meaning whatsoever, even though I am well aware that cannot be possibly true about anything one does." — Lucio Pozzi


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"The important thing for me is not to proceed from one phase to another of my art but to carry on in parallel all the ways of my doing so that each one is enriched by the other." — Lucio Pozzi


Lucio Pozzi's art included in the following collections

"I removed and repositioned walls and parts of wood or painted canvas and postcards and many other objects. Through this modest surgical operation I focus on contexts that otherwise risk being taken for granted." — Lucio Pozzi